Sea Otter Stuffy 10"

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Meet the Adorable Sea Otter! This stuffed Otter is plastic free.Many stuffed animals contain pouches of plastic beads (nurdles), the same ones we find on shorelines, and in the ocean; that’s why we’ve eliminated these pouches, and only offer nurdle-free hugs!  We even hand sew our hang tags and use fabric for hanging rather than using the small plastic hook tags.

Your purchase directly supports our efforts to protect our oceans.


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    A pretty decent stand-in for the real Joey

    Posted by Micheila on 2020 Oct 10th

    I purchased "Joey" for someone in desperate need of TLC. This is a tiny, adorable, and very plush sea otter stuffy that we have named, what else, Joey! Best used while watching the live stream of the real Joey We also love that this plush stuffy is ocean friendly, meaning that it does not contain any plastic pellets. This toy doesn't smell anything like clams, but perhaps that's for the best. If only this Joey came with a button that, when pressed, caused Joey to emit a plaintive "Meep!" That would be incredibly cute! Of course, nothing can ever compare to the real Joey Wigglesworth, who doesn't go anywhere without a stack of freshly laundered towels, buckets of ice cubes, his diving pool, and his dedicated and loving caretakers. Joey: If you're reading this, we love you with all our hearts! We are so happy to see you growing and thriving at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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    Otter plushies

    Posted by Joani on 2020 Sep 18th

    Very cute. a nice reminder of Joey.

  • 5
    The most adorable plush

    Posted by Jerome Rajot on 2020 Aug 29th

    This plush deserve to be the emblem of the aquarium! Joey is the best <3 amazing quality, not to small not to big, perfect for children or adults