Xingu River Ray stuffy 30"

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Jennifer O. Reynolds, biologist at the Vancouver Aquarium helped design this exclusive 30" Xingu River Ray stuffy. Jennifer says when the Aquarium first started displaying Xingu River rays, she quickly fell in love with them for their inquisitive nature and beautiful patterns. She also couldn’t get over how their skin looked like velvet. That’s when she got the idea that the Gift Shop really ought to carry such a toy, not only as something soft that kids could cuddle with, but as a teaching tool.

This stuffed Stingray is plastic free. Many stuffed animals contain pouches of plastic beads (nurdles), the same ones we find on shorelines, and in the ocean; that’s why we’ve eliminated these pouches, and only offer nurdle-free hugs!  We even hand sew our hang tags and use fabric for hanging rather than using the small plastic hook tags.

Your purchase directly supports our efforts to protect our oceans.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review