va-shop-stuffy.pngWe have long been committed to protecting our oceans and mitigating environmental impact throughout all aspects of the organization.

We use our purchasing power to encourage environmentally responsible manufacturing, creating positive industry change, and allowing us to offer our customers ocean-friendly choices. All products are designed in Canada, ethically sourced, tested, and exceed all Canadian and USA standards.

The products we sell in our Gift Shop live complex lives; they start as raw materials that are manufactured into products, they are packaged and transported, and then used until they meet their end of life. When we buy products for our Gift Shop, we look at all of these stages and prioritize characteristics that will minimize the product’s lifetime environmental impact, ensuring that guests have earth-friendly choices.

Both nurdles – or plastic beads commonly found in stuffed animals to keep them upright – and plastic hooks are often found on our shorelines. So we offer stuffed animals that are nurdle-free and hung by cotton loops rather than plastic hooks. We also offer sustainable product lines, including natural rubber bath toys and bamboo-based dishware for children, an extensive line of sustainable alternatives to everyday items, such as reusable straws, bottles and utensils, as well as crafted items from some of our favourite locals artists, jewelry made of marine debris, and more!