Maple Leaf Insulated Lunch Bag

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Product Overview

The DabbaWalla Insulated Lunch Bag is flexible, durable and machine washable. It is perfect for carrying lunch to school, daycare, on a picnic, on an airplane trip, etc. The eco-friendly Dabbawalla Lunch Bag is spacious but not bulky. Most regular size bento boxes (up to 24 cm L x 19 cm W x 7 cm H) fit perfectly into this lunch bag in addition to other smaller containers.

  • 100% Toxic Free. Crafted from a sustainable foam textile material (called TPE) that is certified free of over 100 harmful chemicals, including lead, phthalates, BPA, and PVC. This material is an environmentally friendly alternative to neoprene.
  • Lightweight and flexible: Ample size and stretchy material allow a wide range of containers to fit inside. The bag is easy to carry and easy to insert into a backpack. It collapses down when not full.
  • Integrated easy-to-grip handle on top
  • Two inside mesh pockets: keep snacks and water bottles organized, suitable for an ice pack, utensils, small containers, a napkin, etc.
  • Lays completely flat when not in use - can be packed easily to take on vacations, etc.
  • The material is closed-cell technology and is naturally insulating. Items packed with an ice pack will keep food at safe temperatures for approximately 4-5 hours.
  • Low Waste Manufacturing: completely degradable in a landfill setting and scraps can be recycled at the manufacturing stage so there is very little waste.
  • Every Dabbawalla Bag is individually sewn at a small, family-owned factory in Taiwan that supports fair labour practices and environmental stewardship.
  • Approximate Dimensions: H 30.5 cm x W 28 cm x D 12.7 cm



(No reviews yet) Write a Review